Excel VBA

Course length: 1 days (8 hours)

Overview: This course helps the attendees to prepare macro and dashboards using Microsoft VBA.

Prerequisites: Excellent MS Excel proficiency or equivalent experience.

Excel VBA :

Introduction VBA/Macros & Important shortcuts

Enabling Macro an Excel File and understanding their extensions

Recording Macro & understanding code behind

Overview of the VBA Editor.

Visual Basic Grammar

Getting VBA Help from Excel

Writing Subroutines with few Basic examples

Mathematical Operators.

Referencing Sheets, Rows, Columns, Cells, Ranges, Named Ranges and Offset Cells

Excel Macro Projects and Dashboards

VBA Data Types in detail

Declaring or Using Variables, Objects and Constants

Working with in-built functions or Methods

Decision making using IF and Select Case with the help of Logical/Comparison Operators

Passing Information using Message Box (MsgBox function, InputBox function and InputBox Method, etc.)

Looping with VBA

Error Handing

Using VBA with Excel Objects like (AutoShapes, Excel, Form Controls and ActiveX Controls, etc.)

Interacting with File Objects and Outlook using VBA

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